Hello friends!
On this page I would like to report about news from the computer chess scene in the future. My focus is on servergames at PlayChess and Lichess.

7. August 2023: Free Solista-ENG 2024-1.ctg openings book, with best Engine-Servergames from 1. January 2021 until 7. August 2023. Download Pixeldrain (ctg 670 MB, ZIP 226 MB). Picture Book, Picture Book-Settings. I will release version 2 at the end of 2023. More openings books see HERE.

18. Sep 2023: The game server InfinityChess has been closed. We don't know whether it will come back. The InfinityChess Forum is still open until the end of 2023.

12. Oct 2023: New opening books by Solista, see HERE.

Question: Which of the books is best for tournament play?
Answer: If you are unsure, then Solista Attack (CTG and BIN) is the best choice. 

10. Nov 2023: Crystal 7 CMB by Joseph Ellis released! This engine is ideal for tactical search and chess puzzles (mate solutions). Official homepage Crystal by J. Ellis. My compiles with MinimumThinkingTime, Polyglot Book support and external network (AVX2, AVX512, BMI2, Modern, SSE41, source code): https://pixeldrain.com/u/BSuhBTYd

17. Nov 2023: Anton Ces released his great engine Cool Iris 11.50. This engine is based on CorChess and supports self-learning (SugaR AI). Polyglot and CTG books are also supported, and the MinimumThinkingTime option (important for server games) is also implemented.


21. Nov 2023: INCOGNITO 4 by Solista. Number 1 engine for ultra-long analyses --> picture --> picture playchess.com (live Nov 23th). Engine is based on Stockfish-CorChess and the latest Stockfish patches until November 20, 2023. Features: External NNUE network with Dimension 3072, MinimumThinkingTime for server games on PlayChess.com. Download Win 64-Bit (avx2, avx512, bmi2, sse41, modern, source code) Pixeldrain: https://pixeldrain.com/u/4qN12Aua

24. Nov 2023: New free CTG book by Solista. Solista-ENG 2024-2.ctg, with best Engine-Servergames from 1. January 2022 until 20. Nov 2023. Download Pixeldrain (ctg 270 MB, ZIP 101 MB). Picture Book --> Picture Book-Settings. All my books see --> HERE.

Note: Version 2 is not based on version 1, but on new games. That's why the book is smaller in size. Version 1 covers everything since 2021. Version 2 includes only the very best server games from 2022, as well as new games from 2023. As encyclopedia, version 1 may be better, but version 2 is the better choice for gaming. 

26. Nov 2023: Andrea Manzo released a new version of ShashChess 34.5 and Brainlearn 26.4.

04. Dec 2023: Some people on the server PlayChess.com announced that Eman 9.80 (latest version) would be the best server engine at the moment. I can't confirm this, and I think Stockfish dev is stronger. I also ran a test against Little Beast 12.1 (my newest private version). Eman 9.80 losed the match on 100 games with +5 =87 -8. You can find more about this including downloading all games on the page --> Testing.

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