About me

I've been playing chess since I was a child, my father taught me. My enthusiasm for chess increased in 1972 when, at the age of 14, I watched the World Championship match "Spassky vs Fischer" live with my father, the moves were broadcast via Radio Belgrade, there was no internet. After that I played in the club until 1998, where I also became club champion. I've been interested in computers since MS-DOS, my first computer was an 8088 and my first chess program was Fritz 1. I used the program to save games electronically. Engines started to fascinate me from 1998, and I studied killer variants with which one could kill chess programs. Tim Krabbe wrote 2001 an article about it: DEFENDING HUMANITY'S HONOR

I myself have written some articles for magazines ChessBits and Computerschach & Spiele. From 2004, I was fascinated by the discipline of Freestyle Chess. A number of freestyle tournaments were held on the PlayChess.com server from 2004 to 2008, in which grandmasters such as Hikaru Nakamura also took part. For several years, the freestyle tournaments have been held on InfinityChess, where I also recently played.

I also occasionally play online chess myself. Until 2016 I played on the official FIDE server, where I earned the title Arena Grand Master. Until 2018 I played a lot on Lichess (Account Solista). Since 2018 I have been studying openings and creating openings books in formats ChessBase (CTG), InfinityChess (BIX) and Polyglot (BIN). Every now and then I still play on Lichess, so as not to get completely out of practice. However, the achieved Elo is no longer important to me.

My computers

For my tests & games I currently use an AMD Ryzen 3900X and an AMD Ryzen 2700; I assembled both computers myself. That was also fun, which is why I like to watch videos about computer construction on YouTube.

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